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Transform Your Workplace Culture With Common-Ground Communication

PROVEN Exercises and Strategies For Cohesive Work Relationships

Taught By Broadcasting Pro Turned Pro Chef, Candace Conley

Your employees, including on-air talent, support, sales and production staff, are facing fierce competition, loss of revenue, and an industry in constant flux with the onset of digital media. The result is insecurity, fear, and inevitably workplace conflict which leads to costly high turnover.

What’s the answer? Ultimately, it comes down to making each member of the team feel valued and supported by everyone. They need to feel they are in the right place for growth, for opportunity, and for exploiting their own strengths.

But they’ll never do so with the divisiveness that naturally occurs in a pressure-cooker workplace. That’s why you need Candace Conley to help your people come together, to work cohesively, to openly support one another, and communicate with ease. Her presentations, whether a keynote, or a hands-on workshop, will change your workplace culture for the better by seemingly releasing that pressure-valve so everyone can finally breathe and do their best work together.

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