Hello from the Big Apple! This week's blog dialogue is short and sweet because I'm in New York for (Shhh) meetings and, of course, cooking. So…TULSA! May I have your attention please!? While I'm away, check your calendars and snag a seat at my upcoming pop-up dinner on Friday, November 4 at 6:30 p.m. Inspired by my time in Italy, I've planned and will prepare six courses for 20 guests. Here's a sneak peek at the menu…

Aperitivo – Sicily

Grilled caponata with tiny arancini

Americano cocktail

Primo – Abruzzo

Stuffed calamari in spicy tomato sauce

Force of Nature Chardonnay

Pasta - Lombardy

Butternut squash risotto

Force of Nature Zinfandel

Intermezzo - Sicily

Pink peppercorn granita

Secondo – Lombardy

Osso buco

gremolata, wilted spinach

Tooth and Nail The Stand

Dolce – Multi-regional

Apple crostata

Tooth and Nail The Fragrant Snare

Digestivo – Tuscany

Housemade limoncello

Yes, I LOVE the hands-on approach to teaching in my classes, but pop-up dinners are completely different, experiential events. They’re an opportunity for ME to cook FOR you! I’ll walk through each course, share stories, and cook from an open kitchen. Sommelier Joe Breaux returns for autumn’s finest dining experience and will be presenting pairings by Rabble Wines. October (Isn’t it always?) has been a busy month and November tends to be the same way.  Get ahead by taking a night off! WHAT!? You read that right. Escape to dinner in the Rose District and surround yourself with good food and wine created through a passionate process during my FAVORITE time of year. It’s going to be a memorable event, that’s the beauty of a pop-up!

Unisciti a noi!

For now, the girl needs to get back to “New York’ing,” so I’m going to turn this over for a Tuesday toss back to the words of Angela Evans for The Tulsa Voice following our Spring pop-up dinner.

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I eat beautiful food, experience new wines and make new friends. I become part of this ephemeral evening, knowing there will never be a night exactly like it again.
— Angela Evans
Photo Credit: Gavin Elliott

Photo Credit: Gavin Elliott