A Family Affair

After a truly crappy week, I was facing a Saturday night class with some trepidation.  I really needed it to be a good class and usually when I need that, well, guess what happens?  NOT a good class.  More often "the class from Hell" complete with pitchforks and tails and an experience much like herding cats.

As the ladies began to arrive, I summoned my meditation breathing and focused on positive sayings from Rumi.  The universe smiled, the planets aligned and I couldn't have been happier to be in class.  I could have just as easily put a religious spin on this but we are non-denominational here, you know, no judging...something for everyone.

It turns out that this group of cousins from all over Oklahoma, Texas, and Alaska come together at least once a year and have fun as a family.  They decided that the "fun" this time would be a cooking class.  Almost without exception, these gals knew how to cook and enjoyed cooking so my evening was made in the shade.  I directed, they listened, cut up and drank wine and cooked their pants off.  The food looked great.  Some of the best looking Tomatoes Provençale that I have seen to date, by the way.  They had their dinner, signed aprons as a keepsake for the evening and off they went (to karaoke, as I understand).

So please enjoy the picture gallery from this great class.  And, thank you, ladies for completely turning my week around!  Definitely a testament to my mission...cooking is fun so enjoy it!

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