Rome in the Rose

It was a full house for last week's Date Night.  Roman Holiday is always a popular class and who wouldn't want to take a little side trip to Rome via cooking the food with a fun group of people? The iconic William Wyler film plays in the background where Audrey Hepburn was first introduced to the world not to mention Gregory Peck who was also beginning his career.  It was filmed entirely on location in Rome which was quite unusual for the early 1950's.  But, as you watch the action, you realize it would have never been believable on a Hollywood sound stage. 

In the kitchen, however, it was totally believable to see everyone creating traditional Roman dishes like Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Maiale in Agrodolce (sweet and sour glazed pork chops) and Artichoke Hearts alla Romana.  Throughout the evening, we photographed everyone cooking and having a blast (as usual).  So see if you can find yourself and be sure to let me know you dropped by for a peek.

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