The Intrepid 8 or A Night to Remember

Early this summer, one of my favorite chef-friends sent me an email with an idea he had.  It was sent to me and to a number of other female chefs in the Tulsa area.  Here's what he wanted to do:  Bring the best female chefs in the Tulsa area together to cook for a benefit dinner.  This will seriously date me but it reminded me of those old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney musicals where they would exclaim:  Let's put on a show!  There would be huge fanfare and yes, they would put on a show.

His idea came from cooking with "the guys" for the Chefs Club that is held at one of the local mansion/event centers.  He thought it would be cool to have a Female Chefs Club.  Okay, okay, I love the idea but did he really think he could get us to work together?  Well, I guess there was as much chance of that happening as there was for the guys to cook together so...why not?  In the end, after many emails, there were 8 of us who took on the challenge.  I can only speak for myself but I had some reservations about how we were going to make all of this happen.

It takes someone with a certain personality to become a chef.  It takes even more of that personality if you are a female.  So, I'm guessing that most of us had some "concerns" as we faced this situation.  Would we be able to work together, each with our own particular style, manner of cooking and plating, and social acumen?

The Intrepid 8 as I will refer to us, (you know like the Magnificent 7 except fearless women), not.only killed it in the kitchen but we worked together seamlessly to produce an 8-course meal opened by 8 amuse-bouches,  A well-oiled machine does come to mind, I must admit.

So for your viewing pleasure (because we took lots of pictures) here is the evening,  I hope you enjoy it.

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