Back to Cook with a Vengeance!

Classes are back in session at the kitchen...

It always surprises me how busy January is.  When I first started teaching, I assumed (and you know what that does, right?) that people would be worn out, distracted or out of money from the holidays so cooking classes would be the last thing on their minds.  Au contraire!

Most classes have a waiting list!

We do feature our Healthy Eating Series in January.  We started the series with Just the Basics this past week but it will be followed by Cooking in Parchment, All About Kabobs and then Let's Try Meatless.  The only one that is lagging behind is...guess!  Meatless, of course!  In the land of beef where I really need to teach a steak class every other month, the meatless class is kind of the red-headed step-child.  I am by no means a vegetarian but I do like to have a meatless meal once a week.  This changes things up so it's not as if we're going crazy with meatless here...just a few suggestions for variety.  You do know it's the spice of life, right?

So back to last week's classes, it makes me happy when people truly enjoy the cooking experience and without exception, these classes were filled with people ready to cook and enjoy it.  The best way to give you the full experience is through pictures so, without wasting any more time, I will share three photo galleries with you.  The first is Date Night - Italian Grill, followed by Just the Basics and then the Gnocchi Workshop.  You'll notice that the Gnocchi Class is a bit small.  We started out with an overly full class of 13 but with some kind of bug going around, we ended up with 6.  Boy!  Did they get a lot of one-on-one attention!

Date Night - The Italian Grill

The menu included bruschetta, grilled asparagus with prosciutto, Italian grilled potatoes and grilled steak with garlic and rosemary.

Just the Basics

This class begins with an hour of knife skills practice followed by two hours of cooking.  It is a smaller class so everyone gets the attention she/he wants.

Gnocchi Workshop

Lots of gnocchi making with two traditional sauces, blue cheese cream and brown butter sage.

So we welcomed 2017 into the kitchen in a big way!  Hope you'll come help us continue to ring in what promises to be a great year of cooking!

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