It's About the Food Not the Football

So the Super Bowl is this weekend...
Last year, it was a really good game.  I watched it by myself and I plan on doing that again this year because, well, I like football.  Yes, I like football, used to play a pretty good game of flag in my radio days, and even understand what's going on. 

I don't have a dog in this hunt and rarely have.  I just like the game.  My boyfriend is a die hard Broncos fan so he was particularly happy last year; his son is a Packers fan so no hunting dogs there.  But I'll watch anyway and I'm sure they will, too.

It has been suggested to me on any number of occasions that Super Bowl "parties" are for people who don't want to watch the game and that people who really want to watch the game do so on their own...guess I fall into that second category.  But I think Super Bowl parties really are for people who love bar food.  Last year, I ate chicken wings all by myself because well, I L.O.V.E. chicken wings!!  And, frankly, I don't need an excuse to eat chicken wings.  I, actually, just love appetizers and bar food and I will extol their virtues...I probably should eat something different this year, though, but I do love those wings...

If you look closely at the class calendar, you'll notice that I teach a lot of appetizer classes.  Some are plain ol' appetizer classes, some are street food classes but the bottom line is:  I love appetizers and I want you to love them, too, AND make them at home because they're FUN and delicious and you can make an entire meal out of them and sometimes it can even be well-balanced!

I have offered Super Bowl Party classes but no one seems interested in taking one of those.  Is it because they don't think bar food is interesting? That's wrong.  Do they think there's nothing I can teach them about bar food? That's wrong, too.  Are they set in there ways and they don't want to learn anything new to serve at their Super Bowl parties? Well, this is Oklahoma so that one is possible.  Or, maybe they just don't have a party.  As you can see from above, not having a party has never stopped me from having some great bar food!

In fact, I have a great bar food class coming up (now that I've got your attention and your taste buds tantalized) and you don't even know it.  Some of the best bar food (next to wings, of course) are sandwiches, burgers, sliders, whatever.  And, have I got a great sandwich for you that you need to know about and learn to make.  It's the Vietnamese banh mi. 

The love child of French and Vietnamese cuisines and it is a FLAVOR BOMB.  Am I going to give you the recipe?  Well, not here!  You've got to come to class and learn how to make it and THEN I'll give you the recipe.  Even better, it's not hard to make and once you make mine, you can experiment with it and make it your own.  How's that for cool?

You won't have to wait for that food truck to come to your neighborhood anymore.  You will be the banh mi MASTER!  So CLICK HERE to sign up for what could be the best food experience you can have.  It's the day after Valentine's Day, by the way, so if you didn't have your dream date then this sandwich is the perfect way to drown your sorrows and have a whole bunch of fun in class!

Be sure to comment, share, like, join our mailing list, whatever works for you, I'm not picky. 

Just let me know what you think because I love to hear from you! 

Almost as much as I love appetizers!