So what do you want to know?

I know, sounds weird, right?

But seriously...

I've been thinking a lot about questions people ask me in my cooking classes and how people respond to my posts, blog, Facebook, Twitter, what and wherever.  For instance,

  • Why I use kosher salt, 
  • How do I keep from crying when I cut up an onion (easy answer, I don't!), 
  • How do I know when something's done, 
  • Why don't I measure...and on and on.

I have a class called "Just the Basics" where I teach a lot of how-tos, especially knife skills, but what else do you want to know?

Remember, I have no least, with regard to cooking!  I want you to be better at cooking and really enjoy it.  I don't teach anything in my classes that you couldn't do at home and I don't use crazy ingredients that you can't find in the local stores. And, I don't dazzle you with my fancy footwork around the stove top.  Why?  Because YOU are the important element in my teaching!  I want YOU to learn so that you don't need me.  I know, that sounds weird, too but seriously, I don't want you to NEED me.  I want you to come to cooking classes for the fun and meet new people, to have a glass of wine and learn a little something to add to your repertoire and entertain guests in your home in an easy, casual way.  You know, all the best parties end up in the kitchen!!

So here's your chance! 

Tell me what I can do to help you, well, cook like ME (if that's what you want to know) but actually, I want you to cook like can I help you do that?  So fire away in the Comments section below and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

I look forward to hearing from everyone and feel free to share the link to my website with your friends who may not know about me and my classes...I'd like to help them, too!

And, as always....

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