Episode 1 - The Introduction

Welcome to our crazy world of food and cooking classes where we teach real people how to cook real food. We don’t pull any punches and we are about as real as two bitches can get. Try to guess who’s crazier?.

I’m Chef Candace Conley and this is my partner in culinary (and other types) crime, Natalia Banjac. We’ve worked in the food industry together for over 10 years; we are still besties and are still keeping it real.. So, we thought it was about time we shared that with you. We’re making that happen in our first ever podcast, Not A Single Fork.

Our first episode is intended as an introduction not only for you to get to know us but to get to know our approach to food, cooking and well, life. And, yep, you guessed it…we don’t give a single fuck, er, fork…not really for much of anything. It has to be really, really important. We ascribe to the philosophy of Mark Manson in his book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**k. If you aren’t familiar, we strongly recommend it. You’ll be SO much HAPPIER!

This episode sets the stage for Season 1. We give you a brief overview of what kinds of topics we’re going to be talking about.

  • Flavor profiles and what that means in your personal cooking style

  • “GO TO” ingredients and suggestions of what you might want to always have on hand

  • Building your own reference library of your cooking faves, like magazines, cooking shows, books and such

  • Cooking basics and my “secrets” (The secret is, I don’t have any secrets…I’ll tell you everything!)

We just want you to stop taking yourselves so seriously!

Life is short and you usually have to spend a lot of time cooking so let’s have some fun, dammit!

Some of our episodes will run longer and some shorter but no matter the length we hope you enjoy them..

We want you to relax and just cook! No more judging, just cooking and loving what you make in the kitchen.

So leave us comments, ask questions, call us out, but most of all, subscribe to our podcast and leave a review. You’ll find us on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher.