Episode 3 - Let's Get Organized

One of the biggest stressors for home cooks is organization, or the (total) lack thereof.. In this episode, we will teach you how to “mise en place”, the ins and outs of how professional chefs stay organized,


Here is another game changer! Organization is what it’s all about. Everything is ready to go. You know you have the ingredients, you know they’re the right shape and you know where they are. NO STRESS!

This is the episode where I have to admit that you probably need to use a recipe IF you are making a dish for the first time. If you know it like the back of your hand, fuck it, just go for it. But you’ve got to know what you need and when, regardless of recipe or not.

Everything that goes into what you’re making is at the ready, in order of use (the timing for when it goes into your recipe) and it’s easy to see at a glance. That main picture is a really good example for a way that you can “get organized” in your home kitchen.

So how do you “mise en place”.? Well, first, don’t go all rulebook on me. You can use anything as a container. You don’t need to buy anything new although there are A LOT of cute new items at Target for mise.

  • Know your recipe and what ingredients you need BEFORE you start cooking

  • Cut up and measure (if you must)

  • Have your containers ready and line them up

  • Put your prepped food in the containers

  • Arrange the containers in the order the ingredients will go into your dish


You’re starting to feel it, aren’t you? That carefree cooking attitude!

Let us know what you think of this episode and the Rants and Raves (more of those to come).

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