Episode 2 - Knife Skills

You are kidding yourself if your don’t think you need to know anything about cutting shit up. And, that’s the truth! Nothing is more important in a kitchen (commercial or home) than having solid knife skills. I saw a tweet this morning from @ExcuseMyFly (AKA hot pot of grits.) with a picture from someone in a professional kitchen who was supposed to cut (looked like potato) a vegetable into a 1/4” brunoise. See that picture just below on the far right of the purple veggie? That’s what a brunoise should look like.

basic knife skills III.jpg

Here’s what the tweeted “brunoise” looked like. This is from a professional kitchen, people! It’s bigger so you can really see it. See all those triangular pieces and the different sizes? That’s just flat out WRONG! And, as the tweet said, “someone who went to culinary school and worked at (three different restaurants).”. So, it’s not just you home cooks. It’s people with “training”.

Get what I’m saying? Knife skills! You gotta get you some!!


Yes, we are dead serious about knives.

You can’t see us but with our descriptions, you can definitely get yourself started on the path to learning basic knife skills. The bottom line, no matter what, is that you have to practice.

We teach a knife skills course and that is one of the main things we emphasize. You have got to practice! You are not going to leave a two-hour class being a samurai…ain’t no way, my friend.

When you have good knife skills, everything else falls into place.

  • You will be comfortable

  • You will be confident

  • Cooking becomes so much easier

Knives are personal. You need to figure out what works for you so don’t don’t go buy one of those big, expensive knife sets from Williams-Sonoma. You might use two of the knives in the set and then you’ve wasted $1000 on knives you don’t use.

Buy “cheap” knives that you can sharpen with a “cheap” sharpener every time you use it and you will be so much happier.

Also, in this episode, we begin our Rants & Raves segments. In each episode, we’ll have a little bit extra to say about things that make us crazy and things that we absolutely love. The rants come from the heart and we intend them to be helpful even when we get that shit that gets under our skin off our chests. Please listen to them with the humor and affection that they are offered. If you happen to get offended, well, sorry, we don’t mean it that way but be sure to let us know.

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