Episode 6 - Flavors and Their Profiles


Here’s the next brick in your foundation. After talking about ingredients, we gotta get into their flavors and how they go together, makes sense, right?

So, yep, this episode is all about flavors and flavor profiles. Scratching your head, thinking what does this have to do with anything… Well, flavor profiles are everything! It’s why things taste so great because things work together like a team or an ensemble. If you want to understand the game, you need a scorecard. Or am I mixing metaphors? Anywho…it’s a simple process of starting with the “tried and true” and then (because you’ve learned so much experimenting with ingredients) you make your own! We are really getting into the fun stuff now.

So we’re going to tell you about the flavor profiles driven by cultures and ethnicities then branch off into the ones closer to your taste buds and the experience of the flavors as they hit different parts of your tongue like sweet and salty or sweet and spicy or sweet and sour…wow, I’m kinda stuck on sweet…oh well, it still works. Episode 6 is coming atcha and another newsflash…we’re almost halfway through Season 1 WOOHOO!

Assemble your primary and supporting characters then get inspired to create your flavor profiles and expand your cooking horizons. Feeling more kitchen confident every.single.day!

There’s also a new Rants and Raves as we go crazy talking about what we love or DON’T. We even throw in some Tips and Tricks here and there.

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