Episode 9 - The Wet Side of Cooking


Here it comes, THE FOOD PART! And, it’s all wet.

Yep, and holding true to our tradition, we will begin at the beginning with stock, broth and sauce, OH MY! These are the things that help make your food delicious and also help you build an understanding of why some things taste great and others, meh, not so much.

So, stock is the next foundation. You need it to make soup, stew, and sauces. But it’s not great to eat on its own because…it’s not salted. It has all of this great, inherent flavor but you can’t get to it because it hasn’t been seasoned. You’ll hear all about that in the upcoming episode as well as what makes it different from broth and bonus! we’ll walk you through how to make a pan sauce. This is a jam-packed episode.

So if you enjoyed the last episode…you ain’t seen nothing yet. We’re just picking up speed now!

In Episode 9, we are sharing probably way more than you ever wanted to know about how to make stock, and, oh, by the way, it’s okay to buy it in the grocery; there are a lot of good brands. Then we move on to broth and how it’s different and then spend the rest of the time extolling the virtues of the Five Mother Sauces. Then wrap it all up in a neat little package with my personal fave….the PAN SAUCE! I love to tie up loose ends, well, because I am OCD.


You’re on your way to stress-free cooking, my friends. So, join us once more, as we tell you ALL about the wet side of cooking. Because yes, we have an opinion…or five.

There’s also a new Rants and Raves as we go crazy talking about what we love or DON’T. Have to admit, we’ve moved a little more into digging the Tips and Tricks for now.

If you have a question, leave it in the comments below and we will be happy to address it in our next episode. It’s time for you to get involved in this whole thing, too! We love to give our peeps a SHOUT OUT!

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