Episode 12 - Why Fish Stink


Natalia and I live in Oklahoma but you probably figured that out.

Not only are we insulated from the Coasts in our red state but we are severely land-locked. Being in the middle of the country makes it hard to keep up with the latest goings on (my NYC daughter keeps me updated) and it also makes it difficult for us to convince people in this part of the world that fish are delish! Can’t control myself when rhymes just fall into my lap…

So, FISH! In general, one of the best proteins out there. Lots of omega-3 fatty acids and health benefits so why don’t we eat more of it?

I can’t speak for everyone but around here, people just think they don’t like it. We can’t even begin to fill a cooking class for fish. They don’t want to try it or have anything to do with it mostly because it smells/tastes “fishy”. Well, there’s a difference between fish smell and fish stink so we’re going to tackle the PR problem for this misunderstood protein.

In Episode 12, we’re going to give you all kinds of suggestions for easing into the whole fish eating mind space. Where to buy it, how to buy it and cook it but most of all, if it STINKS, DON’T BUY IT! Only old fish stink, sorry old fish but you know it’s true.

We’ll even throw in some info on their bivalve-y brothers and sisters, like mussels, oysters and clams as well as the guys with the claws and shells, like crab and shrimp.

So, get ready, here comes Episode 12, as we tell you ALL about the FISH. Because yes, we have an opinion…or five. There’s also a new Rants and Raves (or Tips and Tricks) as we once more. go crazy talking about what we love or DON’T.

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