Episode 14 - Bean, Legume or Vegetable?

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Let’s face it, the world of vegetables is daunting. I mean, there is just so.much.produce in the groceries, farmers markets, wholesale clubs. Where do you even start?

This vegetable mountain of choice was never a problem for our grandparents or even parents. There were carrots, green beans, peas, iceberg lettuce (also known as just lettuce back then), spinach and that was about it. Now, carrots come in a rainbow, lettuce can be bitter, leafy, Romaine, butter, and more. Then, there are all the beans out there and we’re not talking just pinto and navy, those are so yesterday. The new beans are heirloom as are tomatoes. And, we can’t forget the whole legume issue. What are they or it and how does it/they fit into this whole balanced diet thing.

We have so many questions. Lucky for you, we have A LOT of answers, too!

We’ll be sorting through this confusing topic of bean or legume or vegetable, we'll share everything we know (or found out) about this super important part of your diet and even play a game! It’s all coming up!

So, play along, learn a few new things (and in such a fun way, right?) and join us over here in Episode 14 where you get the ins and outs of beans, legumes and, oh yeah, vegetables.

And don’t forget, there are even more Rants and Raves (or Tips and Tricks) as we go crazy talking about what we love or DON’T.

If you have a question, leave it in the comments below and we will be happy to address it in our next episode (and in the comments section). It’s time for you to get involved in this whole thing, too! We love to give our peeps a SHOUT OUT!

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