Episode 10 - Who's Got The MEAT?

MOO, BAA, OINK…we got ‘em all.


Now we’re going to start working our way around the plate (remember Episode 8 - Balance Your Plate), beginning with proteins and in this case, animal proteins. So we’ll be giving you a rundown on everything in this episode except for poultry because it deserves an episode of its own.

In Episode 10, we are , once more, sharing probably way more than you ever wanted to know about all kinds of meat: beef, pork and lamb, mainly, but we’ll touch on their more exotic brethren, too. The cuts and why they’re fatty or muscular and the best way to cook them based on that. For instance, working parts of an animal require the longer braising or stewing times because you have to breakdown all that muscle. Makes sense, right?

So here is Episode 10, coming atcha. Who’s got the MEAT?

You’ve got this, my friends, stress-free cooking and actually having fun in the kitchen!

So, join us once more, as we tell you ALL about the MEAT. Because yes, we have an opinion…or five.

There’s also a new Rants and Raves (or Tips and Tricks) as we go crazy talking about what we love or DON’T.

If you have a question, leave it in the comments below and we will be happy to address it in our next episode. It’s time for you to get involved in this whole thing, too!

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