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Episode 13 - Carbs and More Carbs

Here we are! Still keeping it real for you and now breaking down the carb story for you.

It’s LUCKY NUMBER 13! That’s right, episode 13 is about to drop on you.

Carbohydrates are getting a bad wrap these days what with all the paleo and keto diets our there. But here’s why we think that’s the case: you eat too many and slather them with butter and sour cream and cheese! It’s not the carb’s fault! It’s all the stuff you put on them. They’re actually low in calorie and high in fiber and vitamins and we’re going to tell you all about that, along with how to cook them.

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Episode 9 - The Wet Side of Cooking

Here it comes, THE FOOD PART! And, it’s all wet.

Yep, and holding true to our tradition, we will begin at the beginning with stock, broth and sauce, OH MY! These are the things that help make your food delicious and also help you build an understanding of why some things taste great and others, meh, not so much.

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Episode 6 - Flavors and Their Profiles

Here’s the next brick in your foundation. After talking about ingredients, we gotta get into their flavors and how they go together, makes sense, right?

So, yep, this episode is all about flavors and flavor profiles. Scratching your head, thinking what does this have to do with anything… Well, flavor profiles are everything!

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Episode 5 - Ingredients: An Overview

The next piece to this puzzle is learning about ingredients so in this episode we’ll get your started with an overview of the basics and how to approach ingredients. It’s very different from the era when housewives were fascinated with canned foods and making things convenient. The 50’s and 60’s also created the opportunity for talented people like Julia Child to introduce more sophisticated ways of cooking.

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Episode 4 - Measuring (or not)

I don’t like to measure. I don’t like to measure so much that I rarely make anything that demands precision…like baking.

Exact measuring cramps my style and who wants their style cramped, right? That’s what we’re talking about in this episode, how measuring can get in the way of freeing yourself in the kitchen and cooking.

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Episode 1 - The Introduction

Welcome to our crazy world of food and cooking classes where we teach real people how to cook real food. We don’t pull any punches and we are about as real as two bitches can get. Try to guess who’s crazier?.

I’m Chef Candace Conley and this is my partner in culinary (and other types) crime, Natalia Banjac. We’ve worked in the food industry together for over 10 years; we are still besties and are still keeping it real.. So, we thought it was about time we shared that with you. We’re making that happen in our first ever podcast, Not A Single Fork.

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