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Season 2 , Episode 1 - Tackling The Holidays - The Lead Off

We’re back with Season 2 as Not A Single Fork Tackles The Holidays!

Our continuing mission is to keep your cooking as stress-free as possible and the holidays are no exception, in fact, they fall into this category probably more than anything else. What is more stressful than the onslaught of holidays decorations and music coupled with the inherent competition-ish stakes of family gatherings, holiday parties and all the rest of the celebrations? Starting with Halloween when you’ve got best costume, best candy, best party…and we’re just getting started.

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Episode 13 - Carbs and More Carbs

Here we are! Still keeping it real for you and now breaking down the carb story for you.

It’s LUCKY NUMBER 13! That’s right, episode 13 is about to drop on you.

Carbohydrates are getting a bad wrap these days what with all the paleo and keto diets our there. But here’s why we think that’s the case: you eat too many and slather them with butter and sour cream and cheese! It’s not the carb’s fault! It’s all the stuff you put on them. They’re actually low in calorie and high in fiber and vitamins and we’re going to tell you all about that, along with how to cook them.

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Episode 12 - Why Fish Stink

So, FISH! In general, one of the best proteins out there. Lots of omega-3 fatty acids and health benefits so why don’t we eat more of it?

I can’t speak for everyone but around here, people just think they don’t like it. We can’t even begin to fill a cooking class for fish. They don’t want to try it or have anything to do with it mostly because it smells/tastes “fishy”. Well, there’s a difference between fish smell and fish stink so we’re going to tackle the PR problem for this misunderstood protein.

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Episode 10 - Who's Got The MEAT?

Now we’re going to start working our way around the plate (remember Episode 8 - Balance Your Plate), beginning with proteins and in this case, animal proteins. So we’ll be giving you a rundown on everything in this episode except for poultry because it deserves an episode of its own.

In Episode 10, we are , once more, sharing probably way more than you ever wanted to know about all kinds of meat: beef, pork and lamb, mainly, but we’ll touch on their more exotic brethren, too. The cuts and why they’re fatty or muscular and the best way to cook them based on that. For instance, working parts of an animal require the longer braising or stewing times because you have to breakdown all that muscle. Makes sense, right?

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Episode 7 - Tools: The Big, The Small, The Essential

Cooking is, of course, about food but remember, there are also tools involved to make your life easier. We no longer have to cook over an open campfire, wash our food and equipment and dishes and ourselves for that matter in the nearby lake, or use our bare hands to tear food apart.

Primitive humans discovered (certainly by accident) that when food is cooked it is typically more flavorful so fire became a necessity. Washing and cutting came along somewhat later but also made it easier to eat.

Nowadays, we covet our tools whether big, small or somewhere in between but we are here to let you in on a little secret…stay basic and essential and you will be a happier cook. You honestly don’t need a gadget for every task. There are many tools, like knives, for instance, that can tackle many jobs.

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